Wittym helps you leverage your digital twins in IFC formats over its lifecycle

Increase your productivity to manipulate your IFC files and share your project data

Some examples of use cases with Wittym

Learn all about the IFC data format, the future of online building

Easily access all IFC standard or customized business repositories online

  • Access all the definitions of each data (format, unit) and share these data in simple language for non-experts
  • Organize your projects in multi-user mode by level (from version to project)
  • Exchange using the BCF format
  • Involve your project members in enriching the data in IFC files

No installation, Wittym is 100% online and compatible with your operating system

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from 59 € HT/month/user

Evolve your digital twins by integrating new data in ISO compliance with the IFC standard

  • Organize new themes (energy, carbon footprint, risk management
  • Have all the tools to build your data models in openBIM format
  • Integrate proprietary data from your wealth management software into the IFC open format
  • Interconnect your data sources (connected objects, energy suppliers,..) within an interoperable platform
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Keep working with your business software

Share all the data of your business software in Wittym with searches saved according to conditions on native data) on filtered object selections
Visualize for each object in the building its standardized and native (issue from business software without transformation) data) and extract tables combining this data.

The list of software that can be connected to Wittym is all software that exports or imports IFC files from design to operation.

Our integrated applications
will save you time

Why choose Wittym ?

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Simply organize your data models

Organize your data models (properties and quantities) of each object by theme or user group.

Interconnect your data to all your business software.

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Manage your data in real time on all your assets

Build your dynamic dashboards to drive your digital twins.

Have powerful search tools on all the data of your wealth.

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Give easy access to data to all your teams and suppliers

Connect all your managers to the data of the digital twins.

Organize all the communication of your teams and suppliers with the BCF module.

Our subscription plans


For average size teams in VSEs & SMEs

Get all tools for your IFC file management

Simple tool with large possibilities of IFC transformation

Free 5-day trial without commitment




For large size teams of big companies & organisations

Get access to IFC objet database to manage large volume of files

Automatize your IFC control & edition

Synchronize your Revit files with IFC files

Free 5-day trial without commitment



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Connect all professionals around the data of each object in the building

Based on a range of targeted research and data extractions, Wittym is aimed at all stakeholders with a strong appetite for data: BIM managers, design offices, general construction companies, operators with a large number of real estate portfolios (hospitals, local authorities, social landlords, industrialists), project owners, architects…