Use case

Wittym is made and designed for you.

We’re not just another BIM tool but rather a place to centralize and share your technical building data in real time via the web.

We suggest collaborating in your ecosystems (teams, partners) using data through combined services that fulfill the requirements of your use case.

These services are then enriched by your requests and you will have access to all sorts of best practices in data from the entire building community.

Cloud data

100°/° IFC and BCF

Wittym Wittym connects all experts and non-experts around building digital modeling data the building lifecycle

A platform that’s accessible to everyone

Connect all users to 3D modeling data

Project owners

• Maintain an overall view of any project as well as the history of all modeling changes

• Have a building repository and IFC database available from design to operation

• Steer the progress of your projects with support from real-time technical data

BIM Managers & BIM AMOA

• Effectively manage model compliance in accordance with client demands

• Control data enrichment fed by models completed
by project team members

• Make use of powerful IFD data analysis services


• Save time by sharing data from your projects in real time

• Make use of services that verify the data from your models

• Collaborate with your project managers in real time on your projects


• Collaborate in real time with the entire design team

• Use data analysis services to feed your business software

• Analyze the impacts of your technical choices on other business areas in real time

Project Managers

• Have a space for real-time collaboration with your team and your partners

• Have an IFC database available as a repository to monitor your worksites

• Steer the progress of your projects with support from
real-time technical data

Construction Companies

• Easily access 3D models and links with 2D drawings

• Benefit from services that can extract quantities for your figures

• Have a space for collaboration on technical data

Social Housing Providers

• Have a multipurpose tool (for everything from programming to operation) to manage your buildings

• Accéder simplement à un Building Operating System, interopérable et interconnectable

• Piloter toutes les données de vos bâtiments grâce à une interface simple


• Have a multipurpose tool (for everything from
programming to operation) to manage your buildings

• Access an interoperable and interconnectable Building Operating System sized to manage millions of data records and events

• Navigate your building data while managing communities of users


Wittym has a dream…

Wittym dreams of democratizing access to expert building data for operators on the ground by helping them overcome the technical and financial barriers: OpenBIM is fundamental to Wittym.

Educating on IFC technical data is our spearhead for raising awareness that technical data in a standard format is a means of freedom for all construction stakeholders.

We allow you to communicate within your ecosystems using reliable technical information from programming to operation.

We give you access to a cloud infrastructure (database & data services) so you can get all the potential out of your current and future data without any limitations: this opportunity for you to save time and get peace of mind with access to reliable information is what has motivated today’s and tomorrow’s services.

I have a BIM

Use case

Wittym is aimed at all building professionals whatever their projects and objective may be.

Connections with clients

The benefits

• Communicate in real time with digital modeling technical data
• Offer your clients access to your models in IFC format throughout the project lifetime
• Traceability of exchanges relating technical data and their evolution
• Extract technical data and create reports for your clients

Connections between teams

The benefits

• Disseminate technical data in real time to all collaborators
• Delegate the enrichment of technical data to the proper interlocuters
• Avoid becoming overwhelmed by demands for information relating to technical data
• Give collaborators who don’t use Revit the opportunity to exploit the potential of digital modeling data


Collaboration in construction

The benefits

• Have a project structure by organizing each person’s scope of responsibility for each of the IFC files accessible
• Disseminate modeling technical data in real time to the ecosystem of users working with it
• Give companies and workers the opportunity to access 3D modeling technical data and associated services
• Share documentation for each trade in real time

Centralization of operating data

The benefits

• Centralization of building data in an IFC format database
• Real-time supervision of key building data
• Share building data in real time with internal teams
• Interconnection with third-party software (real-time data importing/exporting)
• Communicate useful building operation data to occupants


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