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connecting experts in digital modeling with non-experts

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A New Era in Building

Wittym is bringing BIM into the era of large-scale data management by offering cloud computing capabilities and an applications and services platform.

Wittym defends OpenBIM by actively participating in the democratization of the IFC as well as the BCF data exchange formats. We believe users should not be stuck in proprietary formats.

The intrinsic value of building lies in the data (from design to operation) and the IFC format is the backbone of all building.

One of the main obstacles to BIM we’ve identified is stakeholders’ lack of familiarity with the IFC format; only a few in the know are aware of the ins and outs of this format and can thus compensate for the gaps of other project team members.

Our ambition goes well beyond the common approaches of being able to read design software IFC files. Our goal is to empower all users so they may exploit 100% of the IFC format all by themselves.

The era of local software on individual user workstations is over. Web applications combined with the calculation capabilities offered by cloud computing provide an infinite number of possibilities which can free users from the technical limitations of their own workstations and the IT infrastructures available at their companies.

Shake up conventional thinking


To Democratize IFC

We make the IFC standard 100% exploitable for all objects and their characteristics.

Our interoperable webservices architecture interconnects with all databases and platforms as well as all software.

You can manage all types of projects from building design to operation with access to a range of data applications and services.

Our IFC database exploits millions of building data records and manages ecosystems from a few users to thousands of users.

Our users are all experts and non-experts who are involved with building data throughout the building lifecycle.

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The Wittym Web Platform

Key Features


1. Access to 100% of IFC standardized data

Wittym gives you access to all the properties, attributes and quantities of each building object in IFC2x3 and IFC4.

2. IFC data storage in cloud-based databases

Wittym has created a database comprised of all IFC data. This means there’s a whole field of immense possibilities for exploitation.

3. IFC data that can be modified in real time

Fully accessible from an Internet browser, the data for each property and quantity may be modified in real time.
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4. Multi-user access with permission administration

Wittym gives you the opportunity to organize all phases of any project from design to operation by assigning level-based user permissions.
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5. Data Management

Wittym offers data-related services with support from its IFC database and 3D engine: this combination of services fulfils the requirements of a number of use cases.
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6. Data Visualization

Wittym integrates combined 3D and 2D viewers as well as interactive data tables with the viewers.

7. BFC collaboration

Wittym has developed a BCF standard-based collaboration tool. Multipurpose, it can adapt to any of your projects as well as different sized teams.

8. Interoperability

Wittym is able to connect to any type of third-party database and software with the plugins and webservices integrated in its APIs.

A complete range of services

Our web interface works with a range of applications to facilitate and democratize the use of building data.
Edit IFC properties
Search object
Generate IFC file

Evaluate surfaces

Evaluate minimum distances between objects
Count objects

#Search engine on all IFC standard included multifilters

#BCF collaborative management

#Data IFC #DatamanagementIFC

#Cloud monitoring

Interconnectable plugins

We don’t want anyone left behind; thus, Wittym simply expands your own favorite work tools.


This Revit plugin will connect you directly to the Wittym web platform and allow you to import your projects and IFC files stored in the Wittym cloud directly into your Revit software.

You can collaborate with your team and partners who don’t have a Revit license and view subjects, comments and their points of view in real time generated through Wittym as well as Revit.


This Excel plugin allows you to import the tree structure of your Wittym projects and IFC file versions directly into Excel.

You can choose objects (space, physical objects) based on the tree structure of one version and import their properties and quantities into a table in real time.

Automatic calculations can also be done using IFC data for all the objects selected.

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